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The Black Biomechanists Association (BBA) welcomes all students and professionals to join in our mission to uplift and enrich Black biomechanists in their academic and professional careers. We have several sub-committees that you can benefit from as a member or that you can volunteer to help contribute to our ongoing efforts.


Non-Black scientists are not excluded from BBA membership or participation. We welcome and encourage allyship. In addition to direct contribution, non-Black allies indirectly support the organization by increasing awareness of our endeavors to the broader biomechanics community. All decisions made and actions taken by members of the organization align with our objectives for the betterment of Black biomechanists and DEI of the biomechanics community.

Free Membership! Allies welcome!




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The Black Biomechanists association is so grateful for all of your support. Your donation makes a difference for the Black scientists in our biomechanics community.




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Corporate Partnership

The Black Biomechanists Association (BBA) is proud to introduce our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of BBA is to uplift and enrich Black biomechanists in their academic and professional careers. We aim to achieve this mission through initiatives focused on education, support, and visibility of Black scholars. BBA invites you to partner with us, through donations which will aid in the development of BBA as it continues to offer impactful opportunities and programming. We are offering multiple ways to support BBA:


Donation Level Donation*
Level I $0 – $999
Level II $1,000 – $4,999
Level III $5,000 and above

*For in-kind services or materials donated, levels will be determined based on the estimated value of the services and or items.

BBA is able to receive donations directly via check or PayPal:   Donate!


Your donation will support ongoing BBA initiatives:

  • Community Outreach – establishing educational and interactive outreach programs to engage, recruit, and support future Black biomechanists
  • Communications – educating the biomechanics community and broader audience on culturally-relevant topics that impact Black biomechanists, and communicate pertinent biomechanics events, resources, and advancement opportunities
  • Program Planning – delivering programming relevant to the academic and professional success of Black biomechanists by hosting signature social, educational, and industry-partnered events
  • Mentoring – provide Black biomechanists with mentoring at all academic and professional career stages through development of a needs-based mentoring program
  • Fundraising – garnering and managing funds to provide programming, outreach events, scholarships, and research funds for Black biomechanists


Thank you in advance for your consideration and support. Please contact us regarding the logistics for donations or with any additional questions.